Untitled Anthology [Kootenay Place Anthology]

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Pp. [1-82]
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8 x 12 in.; 20 x 30 cm. Coil bound with light card covers; Black and white photograph of [Kootenay] lake on front cover.


[1] List of Contributing authors: Fred Wah Roberto Campoamor Gayle Peppard | Bob Trostle Mary Reher Don Wah Halcyon Ploss | Gladys McLeod Dick Fowler Sydney Hutchseon | Karen Tallman Craig McInnes | Tom McGauley Lionel Kearns | Susan Knutson Derryl White | Gaston Ugalde Don Campbell | Elnor Crowe Cynthia Kellogg | Gordon Murray Rick Duckles Brenda Herbison | Polly Wilson John Temple Judy Smith Bob Ploss | Stan Persky Cory Porter Susan Eyre Rudy Cusella. ; [2] Publishing information and acknowledgements; [3-81] text; [82] blank.

contains seven poems by Fred Wah: “Place ….. Anyplace and Get Lost”—untitled (“out here”)—untitled (“Wapiti knows the way”) (from Pictograms from the Interior of B.C.)—“The Flower”—untitled (“Moss”) (from Pictograms from the Interior of B.C.)—untitled (“Tree of Colored Textured Brain”)—untitled (“See the arrow”) (from Pictograms from the Interior of B.C.)
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