Discover three publications by Fred Wah:

Absinthe 10.1


Wah, Fred. Absinthe 10.1 (1998): 16-19. Print.

Prism International


Wah, Fred. Prism International (1991): 40-41. Print.

Breathin' My Name with a Sigh (Broadside)


Wah, Fred. "From Breathin' My Name with a Sigh. Six B.C. Poets [Broadside]. Vancouver: Talonbooks, 1978. Print.

25 x 33 cm broadside. Fine. Issued on the occasion of the Breathinheld in the Simon Fraser University Pub on May 27, 1978 as part of the 'Six B.C. Poets' portfolio limited to 350 sets. This single broadside: Bookseller Inventory # 14382