Discover three publications by Fred Wah:

IRON (1971)


Wah, Fred. "Untitled [A pasture full of apple trees...]" IRON (1971): n.p. Print.

20 Years of Multiculturalism: Successes and Failures


Wah, Fred. "A Poetics of Ethnicity." 20 Years of Multiculturalism: Successes and Failures. Ed. Stella Hryniuk. Winnipeg: Saint John’s College Press, 1992. 99-110. Print.



Wah, Fred. Articulations. Vancouver: Nomados, 2007. Print.

5 ½ x 8 ½ in.; 23 cm.; folded and stapled white card with folded and stapled blue paper inside. Title, author, front cover image by Bev Tosh; back cover commentary describes the book and assesses Wah’s contributions to Canadian writing.