Discover three publications by Fred Wah:

Credences 2


Wah, Fred.Credences 2 (1983):141-144. Print.

The New Long Poem Anthology


Was, Fred. "This Dendrite Map: Father/Mother Haibun." The New Long Poem Anthology. Ed. Sharon Thesen. Toronto: Coach House Press, 1991. 303-323. Print.

Diamond Grill (10th Anniversary Edition)


Wah, Fred. Diamond Grill: 10th Anniversary Edition. Edmonton: NeWest, 2006. Print.

9 x 6 in | 23 x 15.4 cm. Hardcover with silver and red cover. Cover photograph courtesy Fred Wah. Passage, book description, blurbs from The Globe and Mail and See Magazine, and brief biography on back cover.