Niagara Frontier Review

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    Literary magazine edited by Charles Olson, Harvey Brown, and Charles Boer in Buffalo, NY from 1964–1966 that ran three issues. The magazine was published by Harvey Brown. It was associated with Charles Olson, then at SUNY Buffalo, the San Francisco Renaissance poets, and the New York avant-garde poets and jazz musicians. Submissions included those by Robert Creeley, Robert Kelly, Leroi Jones (Amiri Baraka), Ed Dorn, John Wieners, Ray Bremser, Robert Duncan, Gary Snyder, John Temple, Diane DiPrima, Albert Glover, Fred Wah, the jazz musician Don Cherry, Stephen Rodefer, Herbert Huncke, Charles Boer, Andrew Crozier and Charles Olson. The third issue also carried Cantos CX and 116 by Ezra Pound.