Barbara Godard

Barbara Godard, critic, translator, editor, educator (born at Toronto, 1942; died there 16 May 2010). Barbara Godard is one of Canada's leading authorities on literary theory, including her specialities in poststructuralism, feminism, avant-gardism, and translation studies. Her publications, including 2 books, 6 edited books, 6 translated books, 9 catalogues, and over 200 articles in journals and books, have played an important role in introducing and creating new critical theories in the context of Canadian letters. Her work has consistently explored the significance of gaps in Canadian literary scholarship, particularly in relation to women's writing, Qu├ębecois writing, and avant-gardism. In many cases, she has found or created bridges between formerly unallied literary communities. Barbara Godard's theoretical writings on translation, developing from her border-crossing approach to Canadian literary criticism, proved to be instrumental in the creation of Translation Studies as an internationally significant field of study. (Biography courtesy of The Canadian Encyclopedia)

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