Diamond Grill (10th Anniversary Edition)

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    LANDMARK EDITION | Fred | WAH | DIAMOND | GRILL | 10th Anniversary

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    Pp. [i-x] xi-xv 1-190
    [v] blurbs; [vi] Selected Works by Fred Wah; [vii] title-page; [viii] blank; [ix] epigraph; [x] acknowledgements; [xi-xv] table of contents; [1-70] text; [177] afterword; [190] references

    Published in Edmonton; 2006 # of copies at $19.95 Cdn / $15.95 US, Published in Edmonton by NeWest.

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    53.521835, -113.512188
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    Wah, Fred. Diamond Grill: 10th Anniversary Edition. Edmonton: NeWest, 2006. Print.