Thanks, Fred!

Submitted by Ryan Fitzpatrick on Thu, 08/21/2014 - 21:49

Here's a sweet drawing of Fred from the files.

SFU Special Collections received two boxes from Susan Rudy in the middle of May and I'm (finally) digging through and cataloguing them. The bulk of the material in the boxes composes the analog trail of the first version of The material clearly shows the presence of a large number of hands who have already laboured over Fred's archive, not only Susan, but also a number of past graduate students from the University of Calgary (including myself). Included are a large number of reproductions of Fred's work from a wide range of journals and anthologies as well as copies of smaller publications, like chapbooks produced for specific events (for the New Year, for example), and copies of articles about Fred's work. It's exciting to to catch a glimpse through Susan's mapping of the material network of one poet's work and to watch as Deanna and Janey begin pulling the physical items themselves from SFU's Contemporary Literature Collection.