A Possession in Great Measure

                                     for Jaquie


                              That shape of this in me 

                          the sudden presence of your eyes 

                    a world I want to call not Love but clearly 

                                lovely water shining 

                           from your clear shining water 


a world then? 
Show through 
the many brightnesses you offer mine 
to give away so easily a possibility 
I mean the miles and minds you've covered for me 
and didn't mean to, well 
you did, you 
gave to me 
what was it? 
A morning moon and sun, then 
a valley full of tired, tired talk 
that soft the endless layers 
that soft and well your chiding leading 
where can anyone shine through, so 
light a place for all of us 
except with you 
but what you are a possible 
an eyelight 


A Possession in Great Measure
appears in