Acrobat On A Ball


the boy stands
balanced on a ball 
which does not move 

the man 
sits on a blue cloth
on a blue box 
which does not move 

on a hill behind 
the woman 
& two children 
with a dog 
do not move 

a horse eats
on a further hill 
but the eating 
does not move 

& the blue sky 
is a blue sky too 

behind the last hill 
is not there 
though a man runs 
down a mountain path 
which ends 
when he steps into
a dark forest 

the tall trees hide 
where he runs on to 
& sway in the wind 

when the moon begins 
by then 
the man is not there 

though the moon moves
behind the last hill 
& the stillness is too 


Transcription from The Contemporary Canadian Poem Anthology Vol. 4, 1983

Acrobat On A Ball
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