We would like to acknowledge the following people for their input, guidance, support, and labour on this project:

The man himself – Fred Wah, The Department of Graduate Studies at SFU, Susan Rudy (Oxford), Jeff Derksen (SFU), Darren Wershler (Concordia), Bill Kennedy (York), Clint Burnham (SFU), Susan Brown (Guelph), Erin Mouré

@SFU Special Collections: Tony Power (CLC Librarian), Eric Swanick (Head /Gifts Librarian), Melanie Hardbattle (Archivist), Keith Gilbert (Special Collections Assistant), Judith Polson (Special Collections Assistant)

@SFU Libraries: Janice Banser (Systems Librarian), Mark Jordan (Head of Library Systems), Brian Owen (Associate University Librarian, Library Technology Services & Special Collections), Ian Song (Digital Inititaives), Nailisa Tanner (Archivist for ALOT), Don Taylor (Copyright Officer)

Special thanks to the student team at the SFU Digitization Lab: Lisa Unger, Sarah Walker, Ana Yap and Jenny Yip.