Janice Banser has been a librarian since 2005, predominantly working with content management systems and library systems. Currently the Systems Librarian at Simon Fraser University. Previously, was an educator for more than a decade. Interested in the intersection of open source software and library services.

Janey Dodd is a PhD student at UBC, where she works on site-specific performance, twentieth-century poetics, and theories of space and embodiment. She is the co-founder (with Ryan Fitzpatrick) of The Calgary Poetics Archive which is currently in the early stages of development. The project seeks to provide a comprehensive digital collection of the small press chapbooks produced in Calgary between the years of 1990-2010.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a poet and critic living in Vancouver. He is a PhD student at Simon Fraser University studying contemporary poetry and poetics and the social production of space. He previously worked on the Fred Wah archive as a research assistant with Susan Rudy during his M.A. at the University of Calgary. With Jonathan Ball, he co-edited the anthology Why Poetry Sucks: An Anthology of Humorous Experimental Canadian Poetry (Insomniac, 2014). He is the author of two books of poetry: Fortified Castles (Talon, 2014) and Fake Math(Snare, 2007).

Instagram/Twitter: @ryanfitzpublic

Deanna Fong is a PhD student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, where her research focuses on the intersections of performance, audio archives, literary communities and intellectual property. She is a member of the federally funded SpokenWeb team, who have developed a web-based archive of digitized audio recordings for literary study ( She is also developing a digital interface for the audio archive of Canadian artist and poet Roy Kiyooka.

Instagram/Twitter: @bilycutfong


Jeff Derksen (SFU) works with an interdisciplinary view of culture and globalization in the 20th century. It deals with the relationship of cultural production (what Raymond Williams called "creative practices") and the nexus of social, political, economic and cultural forces that constitute globalization. His areas of special interest are national cultures and the role of the state in the era of globalization; cultural imperialism and the politics of aesthetics; the poetry and poetics of globalized cities; the emergent global cultural front (in a general cultural context and in avant-gardes); culture and gentrification in global-urban spaces; architecture and urbanism; cultural poetics, cultural studies, & cultural geography.

Professor Susan Rudy is a literary critic and feminist theorist whose research focuses on the intersections between feminist theory and the words women use to articulate their lives.  Currently a Visiting Scholar at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, she is a former Professor of English at the University of Calgary, Canada, and Head of the English department (2003-2008). She served as President of the Canadian Association of Heads of English (2007-2008), Chair of the Canadian Literature Discussion Group of the Modern Languages Association (2007-2008), and President of the Association for Canadian and Quebec Literatures (1994-96). Since moving to London in 2011, she has held research fellowships at the Gender Institute, London School of Economics and the Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London. She has served as Director of the Rhodes Project since 2012