Diamond Grill (First Edition)

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Diamond | Grill | Fred Wah

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Pp. 1-176
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9 x 6 in.; 23 x 15 cm.; Perfect bound with red, purple and black cover. Combined black and white photographs courtesy of Fred Wah on the front cover, excerpts from and commentary on Diamond Grill, brief biography, and photograph of Fred Wah by Don Denton on back cover.

[i] half-title; [ii] blank; [iii] title-page [iv] copyright information [v] dedication: for Fred, Connie, and Ethel | for family; [vi] blank; [vii] epigraph: You were part Chinese I tell them. | They look at me. I’m pulling their leg. | So I’m Chinese too and that’s why my name is Wah. | They don’t really believe me. That’s o.k. | When you’re not “pure” you just make it up. | —from Waiting for Saskatchewan; [viii] blank; [ix] Acknowledgements [x] blank [xi-xv] contents [xvi] blank 1-176 text.

Published in Edmonton; 1996 # of copies at price, Published in Edmonton by NeWest Press.

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Wah, Fred. Diamond Grill. Edmonton: NeWest, 1996. Print.

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