Five Peelings Waiting (for Richard Baillageron & Salvador Alanis)

After I kicked the wall so hard my leg recovered its
A hinge then a horizontal expression.
Morning just finished what's missing from the
                                                  white cafe.
First the agua calienta and then pay up.

He had a touch of Winnipeg.
But just across the park strolled Tinisima's ghost.
And then she longed for the island of untouchable
Later we'd all get lost.

First fix the word to the thing.
Only the coffee is cold (dictamen condensare).
When the plaza is the last still place then.
We'll get back the map of printing.

Next to Gaia is the repair shop.
So we had cerveza, sat back and watched the walls
                                                  talk to the city
The shadow fell behind the shutter.
Between you something's missing--me.

Lost processes of reconnaissance.
Last imagenes.
Lost sentences.
Lost objects 1:30 a.m. the last characteristics.


Transcribed as published in Isadora Blue.

Five Peelings Waiting (for Richard Baillageron & Salvador Alanis)
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