I need to apply Canclini here

I need to apply a soft pedal
for entering and leaving
the dark street of "The Aleph"
lit dim by traditional values
while the values of Nuevo gringo
capitalize the conversation
languageless in the conversion.

The stem of the familiar local,
that local white shirt there disappears
as it neons through a door.

I wanted to meet with Mariana
Estrada Castillo. Mestizaje
our own Miss Edge in Nation.
Restore the language of mixed verbs
not the dashboard of codes
designed with intention

But she wasn't home.
She's reinvested
in the symbolic good.

of the jake brakes purr
out on the city limits
the descent beckons

Coke's winning here.
Come home with the camshaft,
confess to the missing.
Not diet but dying.


Transcribed as published in Isadora Blue.

I need to apply Canclini here
appears in