mister in between (for Charles Bernstein)

Sheet-music -- I wanted some of the synoptic
so I stuck out my neck, comma-like
to do attitude was don' right.

Why did they say eliminate the negative
transparency, don't mess with Mr. In-Between
or scud? Sit tight and close low
right down to the maximum, some
latch for an onto, maintaining a plus from a pulse. Well then

latch onto the nexus while claiming the crux
of the squall. The positive also equals
the page. Ok, I'll take the floor, a
blendable family, double-U-Ay-Aych
aching. Positively, adverb or not
could be more than the accent outside
immigration -- who
cares if it does? Doing weather except

why apply for the job if
the hinge isn't broken? I have
stolen the report and now can't find
a door, just when I need one. Even
a sliding door. Side-to-side cloud

thought Noah the dark thought
Jonah what did they do
except wait away and never let
go? My joy's spread, my maximum's
lost interest. Otherwise you'll be other
you know you'll be background,
and that makes the word
the door with difference:

The downburth blows away, the scene
affirmative by the day. Word's out
what I need to do is mess around
with Mister In-Between.


Transcribed as published in Isadora Blue.
In its original, standalone publication, the fourth stanza ended with, "a sliding door. Awed / by the side-to-side cloud". This is the only revision between the two versions of this piece.

mister in between (for Charles Bernstein)
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